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R-Check® SCA 2015 delivers more test coverage and customizability to SCA developers

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NEW YORK, July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Reservoir Labs announced today the release of R‑Check® SCA 2015, the newest version of Reservoir’s powerful testing platform tailored for the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). R‑Check SCA has delivered proven benefits simplifying and accelerating SCA-compliance testing for defense communications systems worldwide. R‑Check SCA expands SCA test coverage for SCA 2.2.2 to 154 requirements and includes the first commercial release of Pitchfork, a new language technology for defining custom tests. Tailored for the SCA, R‑Check SCA 2015 introduces new smart tools for visualization and configuring analysis of SCA projects. With faster analysis and deeper, more comprehensive results, R‑Check SCA 2015 further amplifies the proven benefits of adopting the SCA Standards: enhanced interoperability and portability, simplified insertion of new capabilities, and reduced development risk and time to market.

“We are very excited about this new release from Reservoir Labs. Compliance testing is a real concern for any large project and R‑Check SCA really benefits our SCA Architect customers by giving them the confidence that their business logic is being continuously checked throughout the development process,” said Steve Bernier, CTO of NordiaSoft.

New features in R‑Check SCA 2015 include:

  • SCA 2.2.2 requirement coverage expanded to 154 requirements
  • Custom API tests with Pitchfork
  • Faster, more robust performance
  • Improved tools for configuration and visualization of SCA projects
  • Preview support for SCA 4.x with 134 requirement tests

R‑Check SCA 2015 is available direct from Reservoir Labs for both Windows® and Linux® platforms. R‑Check SCA 2015 is also available as an integrated plug-in to NordiaSoft’s SCA Architect™. To learn more about the integrated solution, contact NordiaSoft or visit

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29 Jul, 15

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