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Wireless Innovation Forum Announces 2014 Wireless Innovation Achievement Award Finalists

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Online PR News – 03-February-2015 – Washington, DC – The Wireless Innovation Forum, a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced finalists of their annual Achievement Awards. Finalists in the Technology of the Year include Analog Devices, NordiaSoft R-check Plugin for SCARI SW Suite, and Ettus Research USRP E310. Finalists for International Achievement are Matt Ettus of Ettus Research/National Instruments and Vince Kovarik of PrismTech. Winners will be announced and awards presented at the Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio (WInnComm 2015), 24-26 March in San Diego, California.

The Technology of the Year award is presented to an individual or organization for a breakthrough product or technology in the field of Software Defined or Cognitive Radio as selected by the members. This year’s finalists are invited to provide a demonstration or poster presentation of the technology at the event expo. Finalists are:

Analog Devices AD9361
Because of its contribution to addressing a long-standing SDR objective, its potential value to enabling the spectrum sharing market, and general utility to the RF designer, the Analog Devices AD9361 has been nominated for the Technology of the Year award. The Analog Devices AD9361 is a 2×2 transceiver RFIC supports center frequencies from 70 MHz to 6 GHz and bandwidths from under 200 kHz to 56 MHz making it suitable for legacy and wideband waveforms across the popular spectrum sharing bands.

NordiaSoft R-check Plugin for SCARI SW Suite
Because of their continuous efforts and commitment in providing efficient and useful products in the domain of SCA based development, NordiaSoft has been nominated for this award. With the evolution and success of SCA over the years, its compliance testing by designated authorities have also gained significant importance. With the last upgrade of the SCARI Software Suite for SCA based modeling in early 2014, NordiaSoft becomes the first and only vendor in the commercial market to offer the feature of SCA compliance testing. This allows developers to check their source code for SCA compliance using static analysis while generating or modifying their code during the development phase.

Ettus Research USRP E310
USRP E310 Pocket Sized, Stand-Alone Software Defined Radio COTS technology is becoming increasing important in rapid prototyping algorithms and testing them in the field. In 2014, Ettus Research announced a first-of-its-kind software defined radio that combines these technologies into an innovative pocket sized, stand-alone software defined radio that provides 2×2 MIMO support covering 70 MHz – 6 GHz and up to 56 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. At roughly the footprint of a mobile phone, with a typical power consumption of 2-6 watts, the USRP E310 is ideal for mobile and embedded applications with limited size, weight, and power requirements.

The Forum International Achievement Award is presented to an individual, group of individuals, or organization that made especially significant contributions to international furtherance or acceptance of Software Defined or Cognitive Radio. The finalists are:

Matt Ettus, Ettus Research/National Instruments
Matt Ettus through his company Ettus Research, now a part of National Instruments, has been an influential driver of innovation in the Software Defined Radio community since he released the first Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) in January of 2005 with GNU Radio software support. Over the past year Matt Ettus has made significant contributions to the international SDR community with one of the most novel being RF NoC, an innovative network-on-chip based programming architecture that enables flexible and instantly reconfigurable FPGA acceleration for radio designers. This new approach improves the modularity of FPGA IP, improving reuse across designs

Vince Kovarik, PrismTech
Dr Vince Kovarik has made significant contributions to the international furtherance and acceptance of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Cognitive Radio for well over a decade. Vince’s involvement in ground-breaking SDR, Cognitive Radio and SCA technology development has included co-authoring the book “Software Defined Radio: The Software Communications Architecture” which provides applications programmers, designers, professional researchers, wireless manufacturers and operators with an indispensable guide to the SCA, acting as contributing author on “Cognitive Research: Representation and Learning in the book Cognitive Radio Technology,” presenting numerous papers and tutorials at international technology leadership conferences promoting SDR related subjects, actively contributing to and chairing committees at the Wireless Innovation Forum, and presenting webcasts to an international audience on SDR and SCA related subjects.

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