About Us

NordiaSoft offers products and services for those who need to create state of the art software-defined platforms as used in the telecommunications, aerospace, radar, electronic warfare, robotics, transportation and instrumentation domains

NordiaSoft provides a complete integrated development environment for Embedded System manufacturers who need to:

  • Minimize development risk,
  • Reduce development cycle and cost and
  • Improve overall quality of their systems.

The NordiaSoft Embedded Components (eCo) Suite and the SCARI Software Suite are particularly suitable for a wide variety of systems:

  • Military and public safety radio equipment,
  • Commercial telecommunications infrastructures,
  • Radars, Electronic Warfare, Signal Intelligence,
  • Test & Instrumentation,
  • Transport (rail, automobile, avionics)

Specifically designed to address complex heterogeneous embedded systems, NordiaSoft product embraces the concept of Component Based Design as described by the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), an open standard developed by the military community and successfully deployed in thousands of telecommunications equipment worldwide.


Got Questions?

If you have any questions about our products and services please contact NordiaSoft at +1-819-307-0333 or email us at