Corporate Overview

Originating from the Communications Research Center (CRC), a Canadian government-owned research lab, the team has participated in the evolution of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) since its initial release in the early 2000’s. Together, the team has over 80 person-years of combined expertise in the development, implementation and use of the SCA for embedded systems development.

In 2019, NordiaSoft became part of VIAVI Solutions and continues its deep involvement in the SCA evolution via its active participation in the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF), home of the technical advancement for the specification.

The Embedded Components (eCo) Suite (SCA 4.1) and the SCARI Software Suite (SCA 2.2.2) product lines have been engineered by the largest team of SCA Core Framework experts in the industry. Pioneers of SCA modeling and automatic code generation, real-time validation and re-factoring, the NordiaSoft development team has partnered with the world’s best-of-breed software and platform providers to offer the most comprehensive commercial grade SCA development product specifically designed for embedded platforms.

The Embedded Components (eCo) Suite and the SCARI Software Suite enable embedded system manufacturers and research organizations with the proper software environment to quickly and efficiently develop not only their radio products but many other kinds of embedded systems such as test instruments, robotics, radar, electronic warfare systems. The Suite is composed of an SCA 4.1/v2.2.2 compliant Core Framework; a modeling tool for automatic SCA code generation and validation; as well as a tool for introspecting SCA-based radios. All together, the Suite significantly reduces development time and improves SCA software quality.

NordiaSoft’s products are currently being used by major military radio manufacturers worldwide for the development of their systems. The SCARI Core Framework has been deployed in thousands of radios operating on the battlefield.

In addition, NordiaSoft also provides engineering support to the industry to simplify their development cycle. The support can take the form of training on the SCA (we have trained hundreds of engineers worldwide) or closer to the lab bench with design, development and integration of the platform SCA software components.

NordiaSoft is committed to always provide leading edge and highest quality products. Its R&D and Engineering Support team are always looking forward to ways of improving user experience.


Got Questions?

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