Success Stories

Success Stories at NordiaSoft (2013 - 2015)

Since its creation in 2013, NordiaSoft continues in its long and successful innovation path, as well as its steady growth  as a trusted adviser in SCA matters. The following list represents the most relevant success stories (in reverse chronological order).


NordiaSoft wins WInnF Technology of the Year Award

2015: NordiaSoft wins the the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF) Technology of the Year Award Awards  for its SCA Architect Adapter for R-Check SCA, becoming the first and only vendor in the commercial market to offer SCA compliance testing integrated with its SCA development tools. More…


NordiaSoft CTO wins WInnF President Award

2015: NordiaSoft CTO Steve Bernier wins the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF) President Award for his stewardship in making the upcoming 4.1 version of the SCA specification, backward compatible with the previous SCA 2.2.2 version. More…


NordiaSoft CTO to lead WInnF Task Group on SCAv4 backwards compatibility

2013: The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF) named the NordiaSoft CTO Steve Bernier to lead a WInnF Task Group devoted to investigating SCAv4 backwards compatibility with SCA v2.2.2. More…

Success Stories at CRC (2000 - 2013)

While at the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), NordiaSoft team of research scientists developed core technology  for SDR in the military, public safety, and commercial sectors. Also while at CRC, NordiaSoft engineers were key contributors to technological advancements that paved the way for the adoption of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) worldwide, while also providing SCA-based SDR development tools, signal processing components, and Software Defined Radio (SDR) prototypes.

​NordiaSoft Engineers’ involvement with the SCA goes back to 1999… A long list of their accomplishments placed CRC as one of the SDR-SCA most trusted organizations worldwide. The following list represents the most relevant (in reverse chronological order).


SCA CF & Waveforms running on an Android smartphone

2011: CRC ported a complete Software Communications Architecture (SCA) radio system to a handheldAndroid™ device. The radio system included a full Core Framework, AM, FM and P25 waveform applications, and ran seamlessly while achieving long battery life on an ARM processor.


2010 Wireless Innovation Forum International Achievement Award

2010: At the SDR’10 technical conference, the Wireless Innovation Forum (formerly the SDR Forum) crowned a decade of contributions to the SDR domain, by presenting CRC with the 2010 International Achievement Award (Industry Canada, WInnF), as voted by Industry and peer organizations worldwide.

scari core

SCARI GT Core Framework

2008: After 18 months of research, CRC introduced its SCARI GT Core Framework, which runs faster and carries a lesser memory footprint than its SCARI++ predecessor. CRC’s SCARI GT Core Framework features a list of static optimizations, which include among others, accelerated local file access, the use of a caching system for SCA connections, full node registration in one single call, support for remote Devices, and collocation of Core Framework components.

full sca

Full SCA Core Framework and AM Waveform on a Gumstix board

2007: CRC added support for the Lynx OS operating system, as well as for the Marvell’s PXA270 processor. By the end of 2007, CRC debunked the myth that the SCA was only meant for big systems… At the SDR Forum technical conference, CRC showcased the first SCA radio using the world’s smallest computer: CRC ran an SCA FM Radio demonstration using Gumstix boards.

first high capacity

First High Capacity Tactical Radio

2007: At the SDR Forum technical exposition, Ultra Electronics Tactical Communications Systems showcased the world’s first high capacity SCA tactical radio, currently fielded by the US, Canadian and British armed forces, and runs CRC’s SCARI++ Core Framework.

hardware support

Hardware / Software Support

2006: A strong partnership was formed between CRC and Spectrum Signal Processing, which started offering their SDR 4000 system, pre-loaded with CRC’s SCARI. ​In 2006 CRC also partnered with Lyrtech (currently Nutaq) to support the Small Form Factor, so it could be offered as an SCA Development platform. ​The list of supported processors and operating systems were expanded to include the ARM family and VXWorks, respectively.


Model Driven Development

2005: CRC was first to offer partners and licensees SCA automated compliant c++ source code generation from graphical models, as well as the capability to import and validate SCA XML Domain Profiles. Also in 2005, CRC added support enabling the Pentek 2510 SDR kit, to be a complete software radio transceiver solution.


Certified SCA Reference Implementation (SCARI Open)

2004: CRC was selected by the Software Defined Radio Forum (currently the Wireless Innovation Forum) to develop and certify an SCA v.2.2 Core Framework… The open source Java implementation, which included a one channel push to talk FM application, was demonstrated at the SDR’04 technical meeting. While other certifications at the time took an average of 6 weeks, CRC’s implementation was certified on-site in only 5 and a half days! The implementation was certified to meet 635 of the 652 requirements that the specification imposed, for an impressive result of 97.39% compliance.

ois green hills

Hardware / Software Support

2004: CRC released its first fully embeddable Core Framework: SCARI++ with support for the Intel’s 86 family as well as some power PCs. SCARI++ also supported ORBexpress and TAO as CORBA ORBs, and Linux, Yellow Dog, and INTEGRITY Operating Systems. To cap 2004, CRC partnered with ISR technologies and Xilinx to create the first SDR platform to offer dynamic partial reconfiguration of an FPGA. It allowed more than one application to share the FPGA, as well as switching applications without having to stop the FPGA.

scari core

SCA Reference Implementation (SCA RI Open)

2003: Under contract with the SDR Forum (currently the Wireless Innovation Forum), CRC released an open source Java SCA Reference Implementation (SCARI Open). The SCA RI Open implemented v.2.1 of the SCA specification and was peer reviewed by the SDR Forum oversight committee members from MITRE JPO staff, US AFRL, L3-Communications, Mercury Computer Systems, Sun Microsystems and Space Coast Systems


First SCA Waveform Demonstration

2002: CRC implemented and showcased the first demonstration of a commercial SCA application: a C++ implementation of the Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) standard that used the SCARI Open Core Framework


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