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In this section, the reader will find information about the Software Communications Architecture (SCA): What it is, Its components, Its benefits, How it works, Where it is and can be used.

A section on reference articles is also provided for the reader who would like to deepen its knowledge about the technology. This section will be updated on a regular basis so we invite the reader to bookmark the page and return to it periodically.

Software Communication Architecture Overview

Software re-programmable devices that can be reconfigured to adapt to changing product developments are within reach, enabling rapid transformation of those products at much lower cost and much quicker than today’s conventional approach of developing a new product based on hardware modifications.



SCA Application Domains

Although originally created for tactical Software Defined Radios (SDR), the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) is a Component Based Development (CBD) architecture that targets all embedded systems developments regardless of the application domain.


Android Demonstration

SCA Core Framework And AM, FM And P25 Waveforms Running On An Android Smartphone.

This article is based on excerpts of a White Paper from the Advanced Radio Systems group at the Communications Research Centre Canada.


Selected Conference Papers And Presentations

This section contains selected papers and presentations authored by the NordiaSoft team.


NordiaSoft White Papers

NordiaSoft White papers provides documents that inform readers about our view on technology topics, with emphasis on Software Defined Systems and its enabling technologies.



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