Software Communications Architecture

Software Communication Architecture Overview

Software re-programmable devices that can be reconfigured to adapt to changing product developments are within reach, enabling rapid transformation of those products at much lower cost and much quicker than today’s conventional approach of developing a new product based on hardware modifications.

A key element of any software-based system is the overall software architecture that development teams follow to integrate the software to the hardware platform. In most cases, still today, organizations make use of proprietary software architectures that tightly couple software applications to the hardware platforms. With changes of platforms (through hardware evolution for example), the software often needs to be significantly modified to adapt to the new characteristics of the hardware, adding additional cost and time-to-market to the product. This unique and proprietary approach is also prone to obsolescence when the original team members move on to other projects, positions or companies.

The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) is an open standard, developed by the international radio community to alleviate those drawbacks and make the development of Software Defined Products more efficient, thus reducing time-to-market and development cost and improving product quality and performance.


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