Platform Abstraction

The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) promotes reuse of software components by providing techniques and methods to abstract platforms from software applications.

Benefits of Platform Abstraction:

  • Clear separation of the application’s core business logic from the underlying hardware and software in which it is to execute.
  • Higher value business logic implementations, as SCA source code is easier to port from one platform to another.
  • Application developers can focus on the actual application rather than spending time integrating it with the platform.
  • Change of hardware or software is simpler as they are not tightly integrated and thus easier to upgrade.

SCA Platform abstraction is achieved through the identification of an Operating Environment (OE) that defines the Real-Time Operating System, inter process communication mechanism, and physical hardware in which the application is to be executed.

SCA Elements

  • SCA Core Framework: Run-time Deployment Engine of SCA Software Components.
  • SCA Devices: Software proxies that enables communication from/to an SCA Application to/from physical hardware.
  • SCA Applications: Assembly of highly reusable and portable SCA components that 1) are deployed and executed by the SCA Core Framework, and 2) that interacts with the physical hardware via SCA Devices.
  • CORBA Middleware: Inter Process Communication (IPC) mechanism that provides location transparency as well as programming language and operating system independence for SCA components.
  • POSIX AEP: Application Environment Profile (AEP), subset of the POSIX specification, that identifies the operations that can be invoked from an SCA Application into the underlying Operating System (OS).
  • Operating System: Real Time Operating System (RTOS) provided by the SCA System that implements the operations defined in the SCA Application Environment Profile (AEP- POSIX APIs).
  • Digital Hardware: Combination of Processing Elements (E.g. GPP, DSP, GPU, FPGA) that are used by the SCA system to deploy and execute SCA Applications
  • RF Hardware: Physical Hardware that provides access to the SCA System to transmit and receive waveforms to/from the radio frequency spectrum.


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