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NordiaSoft to offer a seminar on SCA development at WInnComm 2017

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University California San Diego, California, USA (November 14-16, 2017)

NordiaSoft will offer a seminar of the use of software tools to assist in the development cycle of SDR systems based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) at the annual conference of the Wireless Innovation Forum™ (WInnF).

Software Defined System is the industry’s response to the ever increasing complexity and flexibility requirements of today’s electronic systems. The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) enables the fulfillment of such requirements for complex heterogeneous embedded distributed systems. In this tutorial, NordiaSoft will demonstrate how SCA software can be developed using tools that combine model-driven design (MDD) and rapid application development (RAD). Using Zero Merge code generation technology, the business source code for an SCA component (modulator, encoder, etc.) is kept separate from the infrastructure code that deals with deploying, instantiating, configuring, connecting, inter-process communications, etc. This tutorial will show how the proposed approach provides the greatest potential of reuse for intellectual property.

The presentation is to be given by Mr. Steve Bernier NordiaSoft CTO and Dr. Juan Pablo Zamora Zapata, NordiaSoft director business development.

“The SCA brings a new approach to the development of software defined systems enabling much simpler technology insertion and flexibility for product evolution. The use of software tools greatly simplifies the development cycle” said Mr. Bernier.

About NordiaSoft

NordiaSoft offers products and services for those who need to create state of the art software-defined platforms as used in the telecommunications, aerospace, radar, electronic warfare, robotics, transportation and instrumentation domains.

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Juan Pablo Zamora Zapata
Director Business Development
10 Nov, 17

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