eCo Hub

Built from the ground up for embedded platforms, the eCo Hub is the fourth-generation Core Framework implemented by the NordiaSoft team. It was designed for optimum boot time performances and implements the Full Profile of the SCA 4.1 specification with support for nearly all Units of Functionality.

NordiaSoft eCo Hub is the ideal software deployment and configuration engine for R&D and industry organizations that want to take advantage of modern embedded systems advanced features.  eCo Hub is the only commercial Core Framework that supports a complete backward compatibility with the former SCA 2.2.2 standard. This allows you to continue to capitalize on your previous investment made in the SCA and to proceed with a seamless migration at your own pace.

Built on the experience gathered with the battle proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) SCARI GT product, including lessons learned from the JTRS-tested SCARI-Open Core Framework, and interactions with leading industry and R&D labs, the eCo Hub is a complete and robust solution for your present and future development. It is available pre-integrated with generic COTS SCA platforms, ready to be used for development. As its SCARI GT predecessor for SCA 2.2.2, the eCo Hub Core Framework aims to be the most widely-adopted commercial SCA 4.1 Core Framework. eCo Hub represents another milestone in the NordiaSoft’s SCA development solution. Not being subject to ITAR restrictions, the eCo Hub is available for licensing worldwide.

Operating Environments

Designed with portability in mind, and like its SCARI GT predecessor, the eCo Hub will be available for a number of operating environments: INTEGRITY, VxWorks, different desktop Linux distributions, QNX, and new portable platforms such as Android. eCo Hub can also be ported to other operating systems with single or multiple address spaces, with or without a dynamic loader. It will be used with a number of processors families such as x86, PPC, and ARM.

eCo Hub supports a number of different ORBs including ORBexpress RT, the most widely used real-time, secure, and high performance ORB in the military radio platforms. The NordiaSoft team has the required expertise to add support for any new operating environment.

High-Speed Core Framework

eCo Hub provides an implementation of SCA 4.1 Full Profile with support for nearly all Units of Functionality. It implements exceptional real-time features to minimize the boot time of an SCA system. The eCo Hub even allows SCA node and application components to dynamically be collocated in a single address space, which is significant for accelerating the boot sequence of a node.

Debugging Support

eCo Hub is provided in two binary forms: Release and Tracer. The Release version is compact and ready for embedded deployment. The Tracer version is instrumented with debugging code that produces several levels of tracing messages that can be selectively  turned  on  or  off.  eCo  Hub  can  also  save  to a file the logging messages produced before a Log service becomes available. This feature makes the difference when debugging early-crash problems.

Backward Compatible

eCo Hub goes beyond supporting the Application Backward Compatible Unit of Functionality of SCA 4.1, which allows SCA 2.2.2 applications to be deployed. eCo Hub also supports applications made of a mixture of SCA 2.2.2 and SCA 4.1 components. This feature allows you to convert your existing applications by doing a step by step migration and test your changes as you go. Moreover, eCo Hub also supports backward compatibility at the platform level by supporting launching of a complete SCA 2.2.2 node, or a node made of a mixture of SCA 2.2.2 and SCA 4.1 Devices and Services.


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