eCo Inspector

NordiaSoft eCo Inspector offers a runtime view of the SCA system design. This introspection tool provides multiple views to allow developers to visualize the software structure of any SCA compliant platform. Using tree views and block diagrams, engineers can see where each application component is running. It also represents the relationships between application and platform components.

Multiple Domain Control

eCo Inspector can connect to more than one platform or domain simultaneously. Engineers can control several systems from a same tool which facilitates debugging of systems with more than one domain (e.g. a radio with Red and Black Domains). eCo Inspector is to the SCA what a debugger is to source code. In fact, the eCo Inspector can be connected to any embedded SCA platform, just like source code debuggers

Installing and Controlling Applications

The eCo Inspector comes with a built-in application installer to copy the required artifacts into the file system of an SCA platform. The tool can also instantiate, configure, start, stop, terminate, and uninstall applications. eCo Inspector provides a generic property browser that can render every type of SCA property and can change values dynamically or in batch mode.

Influence Deployment

eCo Inspector can be used to deploy any application component to a specific processor using device assignments. It can also be used to assign application components to specific processor cores via the new core affinity feature of SCAv4.1. It can assign different application components to specific devices, an essential feature to assess performance.


eCo Inspector includes real-time, peak and average value plotting capabilities that allows visualization in three types of graphs: Time Domain (time/amplitude), Frequency Domain (frequency / magnitude), and Constellation (phase/quadrature).

Debugging Features

In real-time, eCo Inspector introspects the platform and reports the status of every component, refreshing the views and block diagrams when needed. Any new application being added, device failing, or connection broken will be shown, providing valuable information to the integrators and testers to resolve issues.

eCo Inspector can be used to test applications under different conditions. It can be used to lock/unlock specific device components to create different deployment scenarios. eCo Inspector can shut down a complete node or individual components. It can even do so, while applications are running to analyze the impact on the system. In short, eCo Inspector provides full control over the life-cycle of any SCA component.

Extended Instrospection

eCo Inspector provides different types of views for displaying the deployed software components and related information. The Domain View, Application View, and Deployment View use a tree-like structure, where each node represents a component. The block diagram views use a block for each deployed component. eCo Inspector can even show which components have been deployed onto other components and graphically displays how components have been inter-connected.

SCA 2.2.2 to SCA 4.1 Migration

eCo Architect provides unavoidable capability to help transitioning applications and nodes from SCA 2.2.2 to SCA 4.1. Whether it is to migrate a complete assembly or a single component, eCo Architect can convert existing models to comply with the new standard and refactor source code that has been generated with NordiaSoft’s SCA 2.2.2. tool.


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