MHAL Device

Modem Hardware Abstraction Layer (MHAL) Device

The JTNC MHAL API specification aims to enable communications between processors with no CORBA support. The objective is to provide a consistent set of APIs for waveform applications across all JTRS platforms. MHAL is considered part of the Operating Environment (OE) and as such it expected to be bundled with every platform. It is the responsibility of the platform manufacturer to integrate the required MHAL APIs. The use of MHAL does not require any specific feature from a Core Framework. Any version of the Core Framework can be used in conjunction with MHAL.

MHAL relies on usage of the following concepts:

  • Computational Element (CE): a more generic term for processor (since an FPGA is not really a processor).
  • GPP: a CORBA capable processor. This also includes CORBA capable DSP and FPGA.
  • DSP: a C capable processor with no CORBA support.
  • FPGA: a HDL capable processor with no CORBA support.

Figure 1 illustrates that all components running on CORBA capable GPPs can communicate using CORBA. CORBA abstracts the physical transport required to reach other components. In Figure 1 Component B can communicate with Component C because of the physical Ethernet connection between the two GPPs and because CORBA has a software transport that knows how to use that physical Ethernet connection

When CORBA is not available on a constrained CE like DSPs and FPGAs then MHAL can be used to provide that connectivity. As Shown in Figure 2, Component A is able to communicate with Functions on the DSP with the help of a MHAL Device running on the GPP and software transport running on both the GPP and the DSP.


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