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The Transceiver Next Project Technical Exchange Meetings (TEMs)

The WInnF Transceiver Next Project TEMs are a series of technical exchange meetings announced by the Transceiver Next WInnF work group as a part of the Transceiver v2.0 project.

The meetings aim to support the progress of the Transceiver Next project to develop the next version of the WInnF Transceiver Facility Standard.

The WInnF Transceiver Facility provides implementation-independent standard APIs that enable a high degree of portability for SDR Applications (such as Waveforms), while enabling SDR Transceivers to host a large variety of SDR Applications.

Since its publication in 2009, the V1 specification has been used in many contexts, and a number of suggestions of improvement have already been reported. Besides, interest is growing for a number of additional features to be included in the standard. The WinnF Transceiver Facility is now managed as a WInnF SDR Standard, in accordance with CC SCA Policy 006. Unlike previous version of the Transceiver Facility that was driven by requirements of Waveform Applications, the Transceiver Next Project will broaden applicability of the specification to other categories of SDR Applications such as Test and Measurement, Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, Electronic Warfare and Sensing.


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