SCARI Software Suite

The NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded systems. NordiaSoft solution embraces the concepts of Component-Based-Development (CBD) and Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) and allows developers to:

  • Simplify their architectural system design
  • Reduce development cost and time to market
  • Optimize overall software performance
  • Improve overall system quality

​Used internationally by platform and radio manufacturers, as well as application providers, the NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite reduces development risk and time-to-market, creating top-quality SDR products.

The NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite has been engineered by the largest team of SCA Core Framework experts in the industry. Pioneers of SCA modeling and automatic code generation, real-time validation and re-factoring, the NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite developers have teamed with the world’s best-of-breed software and platform providers to offer the most comprehensive commercial grade SCA development product specifically designed for embedded platforms.


The NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite is composed of four major elements:


Got Questions?

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