SCA 4.1 Backwards Compatibility

Backwards compatibility

  • SCA 4.1 ensures investment in SCA 2.2.2 applications can be reused in SCA 4.1 environment
    • An SCA 4.1 can now run any SCA 2.2.2 applications
    • Required several changes to SCAv4.1 to keep new features and still be backwards compatible
    • NordiaSoft led this effort for JTNC on behalf of WInnF
  • Support for applications composed of a mixture of SCA 4.1 and SCA 2.2.2 components.
    • Allow developers to perform a more incremental transition from SCA 2.2.2 to SCA 4.1
  • Enhance the ability to migrate legacy waveforms to an SCA model
    • Naming convention changes


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