SCA 4.1 Profiles

SCA 4.1 Profiles

With SCA 4.1, implementers can tailor the SCA set of features to better match their radio requirements. As such, three profiles have been defined:

  • SCA Lightweight Profile
    • Best suited for radio platforms where the hardware modules have a static configuration.
    • Provides a minimum set of functionality which is applicable for resource (e.g. SWAP) constrained platforms.
  • SCA Medium Profile
    • Suited for radio platforms with plug-and-play but not removable hardware modules.
    • Still rather lightweight but it introduces a configurable, dynamic aspect.
    • The most flexible platform in that it provides the lightest weight implementation that supports the legacy SCA deployment model.
  • SCA Full Profile
    • Suited for radio platforms with removable, plug-and-play hardware modules.
    • Provides the full breadth of SCA deployment and management capabilities
    • Aligned to support prime power, multi-channel sets


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