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SCA based SDR Laboratory.

One of the driving concepts of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) standards is waveform portability between hardware platforms. A waveform application built for one platform environment, should be easily hosted by a number of other hardware platforms, provided by different manufacturers, having varying form factors and composed of different hardware components. NordiaSoft SCA-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) laboratory has been designed to allow developers to meet that fundamental objective of the SCA.

Provided as a turnkey system, the NordiaSoft SDR Lab is a fully integrated SCA environment and is ready to be used for the development and test of user-defined waveform applications. It has been designed to allow developers to fully exercise the various concepts put forward by the SCA, such as component-based development, hardware abstraction, and software reuse through code portability between platform environments.  It offers a heterogeneous distributed embedded system environment consisting of a number of hardware platforms supporting multiple processors, operating systems, and hardware elements, provided by multiple vendors. Demonstration waveform applications, ported to different platforms, are provided as examples of development.

The NordiaSoft SCA-based SDR Lab is most useful to clients who need, amongst other things, to:

  • Demonstrate a number of SCA waveforms running on platforms of different form factors made of various processors and operating environments;
  • Develop expertise with SCA-based Software Defined Radios (SDR) and Cognitive Radio (CR) concepts and capabilities;
  • Develop new telecommunications algorithms / waveforms for a multiplicity of hardware environments;
  • Advise government authorities on SCA-based acquisition programs, including the provision of waveform application repository, and spectrum management implications of SDR technology;
  • Transfer techniques and technologies developed with the laboratory to industry and end users;

NordiaSoft can also adapt its lab to support user-specific requirements and provide the necessary training and guidance to ensure successful usage.

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