Mid-Size Form Factor

Mid-Size Form Factor

This environment emulates more powerful radio units as used typically in vehicles. It will therefore possess a more powerful processing environment and a larger user interface than what is typically available for dismounted soldier systems presented in the previous section.

As depicted in Figure , the actual Software Defined Radio is a single unit shown in the blue box. The workstation provides the User Interface and is also used during the development cycle. Connectivity between the two is performed via Ethernet or USB port.

User Interface

The UI, developed in JAVA, will be running on the desktop workstation. The NordiaSoft Radio Manager application could be used or the client may develop its own UI interface using functionalities of the Radio Manager.   The audio card of the desktop (microphone and speaker) is to be used for audio-in and audio-out while the screen can be used for data presentation.


Signal Processing Elements

The signal processing functionalities are to be executed both within the SDR unit and in the desktop computer depending on the processing power needed to execute the application and that provided by the transceiver box. The transceiver and the workstation are to be connected via Ethernet. Based on the implementation of the application and its SCA description, the SCA Domain manager will distribute the signal processing components accordingly.

The SCA Domain Manager would reside in the desktop workstation and both the desktop computer and the RF transceiver would host a Device Manager.


RF Transceiver Unit

In the case of a Mid-size Form Factor, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) RF units are considered.

Similar to the Small-Form factor, on the receive side, the RF transceiver unit will down-convert, filter and digitize the incoming RF signal. Further filtering and decimation can be accomplished in the on-board FPGA before data being sent to the smart phone, via the USB port, for further processing. On the transmit side, the smart phone will send the modulated waveform at an IF level to the RF Transceiver unit for up-conversion to the selected frequency and transmission over the air.


Development Environment

A desktop computer is needed for the development environment, in addition to providing the application UI functionalities. Note that those two functionalities can be executed on separate computer, it is proposed here to use the same for cost saving. The workstation would host the SCA Architect development tool, the programming development environment, the OS compiler and ORB libraries.

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