SDR Lab Platforms

The proposed SDR lab is built around four categories of platforms each having specific characteristics that together offer a good representation of the operational environment.

  • Development and Reference Platform:  This platform is the main SCA environment for the development of all SCA waveform applications. The platform is high-performance, modular, and scalable both at the hardware and the software level. It can host various GPPs, DSPs, GPUs, and FPGAs. It also comes with a very high-precision instrument-grade RF head. New algorithms and techniques can be tried without concerns for performance limitation and system obsolescence.
    The platform doubles as a reference runtime environment in which every SCA concept can be tested. Once developed and tested under this reference environment, waveform applications or techniques can be ported to more specific environments representing different form factors.
  • Small-Size Form Factor: SDR platforms in this category emulate handheld devices carried by soldiers or first responders.
  • Mid-Size Form Factor: SDR platforms in this category emulate mobile radios as could be used in vehicles, ships, and aircrafts.
  • Full-Size Form Factor: SDR platforms in this category emulate large military radios in use for high bandwidth, high performance requirement communications systems (e.g. satellite communications or networking) or for applications such as radar or signal intelligence (e.g. spectrum monitoring).

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