Development and Reference Platform

Development and Reference Platform

In this category a high-performance, modular and scalable platform is provided as a reference environment in which every SCA concept can be tested. New algorithms and techniques can be tried with minimum fear of performance limitation and system obsolescence. Once developed and tested under this reference environment, waveform applications or techniques can be ported to more specific environments emulating operational scenarios.

User Interface

The UI, developed in JAVA, will be running on the SDR unit depicted in the blue box. The NordiaSoft Radio Manager application could be used or the client may develop its own UI interface using functionalities of the Radio Manager.   The audio card of the desktop (microphone and speaker) is to be used for audio-in and audio-out while the screen can be used for data presentation.


Signal Processing Unit and RF Transceiver Unit:

For the Reference platform, the signal processing and RF transceiver functions will be provided within the same unit, on different cards. Connectivity between the cards will be done via a high-speed backplane.

Built using test instrument grade components, this platform provides extremely high performance signal processing and RF performance. The versatility and scalability of this platform will allow users to configure the SDR unit with various COTS processing cards.


Development Environment

A desktop computer is needed for the development environment, in addition to providing the application UI functionalities. The workstation would host the SCA Architect development tool, the programming development environment, the OS compiler and ORB libraries.

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