SDR Lab Technical Considerations

Technical considerations

Platform configurations

Since the SCA standards were developed to facilitate waveform portability and hardware interoperability between platforms, NordiaSoft has selected a number of platforms which together offer a good representation of the operational environments in which the SDR systems are to be used. With the NordiaSoft proposed lab, waveform portability and interoperability can be tested more easily. The selected platforms for the lab offer a wide selection of:

  • Processor types:   General Purpose Processors (GPP), Graphical Processing Units (GPU), Digital Signal Processors (DSP), and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)
  • Inter connect protocols: e.g. Serial, Ethernet, RapidIO, VXE, PCIX, AXIe
  • Operating Systems: e.g. Linux, Green Hills Software INTEGRITY
  • Hardware components presenting various control drivers.


SCA development environment

Complete SCA development environments are provided compatible with the various platform configurations. Each will include the SCA and OS specific development tools. SCA devices are also provided according to the platform characteristics.



To facilitate the development of new waveforms, the NordiaSoft SCA-based SDR lab comes with a number of demonstration waveforms. Currently offered are: Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Project 25 (P25) voice only. The TETRA waveform is also being considered.


Technical Services

NordiaSoft recognizes that the number of platform configurations can be quite large. If a specific configuration, not offered within the proposed lab platforms, is required, NordiaSoft can develop the required SCA infrastructure to integrate it to the lab.

NordiaSoft also offers technical assistance in the form of SCA training, Lab set-up and configuration, SCA-based waveform design, development and porting.

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